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NEW Supplement Standards Sheet:

Download our NEW supplement standards sheet. There is little regulation in the supplement industry as far as the safety and efficacy of what you can purchase in stores and online.

At NCB, we want to keep you safe and healthy! REMEMBER you can always purchase supplements directly through the office to ensure that you are getting the true product. You can also refer family, friends and colleagues to do the same!


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We’re so eager to share with you the latest lectures from Valerie Early, RD, LDN. These three new additions to our webstore are available separate or in a value bundle! Check out the previews for each video below:

Endless Energy Video

Discover some of the best health and nutrition lessons with Valerie’s Endless Energy lecture. You’ll learn about the dangers of oxidative stress, hormonal imbalance, and eating the wrong foods for your body. She’ll also teach you how to combat these negative factors with a nutrient-rich diet, an active lifestyle, and energizing techniques for body and mind.
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Men’s and Women’s Hormones

With this video, you’ll see the important ways that hormones affect every part of our lives. Valerie Early sheds light on how hormones work and, most importantly, how they work together as a system. Learn from the expert about menopause, andropause, estrogen, testosterone, and many hormones you had no idea were changing your body and your mind. Whether you’re aware of the hormonal conditions in your body or new to the concept, you’ll find this video helpful and incredibly informative!
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Exercise Performance and Nutrition

A fit body comes from working out, everyone knows that, whether you’re an athlete or not. But it also comes from eating the right whole foods, maintaining the right supplement levels, and working out in the right way. In this video, Valerie will show you how to regulate your mealtimes and exercise routines, and she goes in-depth with supplements and hormones. Learn to prevent oxidative stress and the stressors that inhibit your fitness progress, and you can have the body and lifestyle you need and want.
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A Meaningful and Moving Story….The Value of Hair Tissue Mineral Testing



Nutrition, Connection, Balance, (NCB), is delighted to announce our new colleague, nutritionist and clinical practitioner, Lauren Chaves, MS, RD, LDN. Lauren joins NCB due to her alignment with NCB’s mission to inspire and change the health of others through individualized testing & relationship building while staying on the edge of nutrition science. Lauren emits a quiet inner knowledgeable force with an optimism that inspires others to be better!

Lauren Chaves, MS, RD, LDN has been a Chicago-based registered dietitian nutritionist that has worked in the sub-acute rehab/long-term care setting for the majority of her career. Offering Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to this population has taught her the compassion and clinical skills necessary for the treatment of chronic disease. Brought up in a family of medical backgrounds ranging from MD, RN and PharmD, Lauren has been exposed to cases where lifestyle changes are critical in preventing potential costly and negative health outcomes.

Lauren is very excited to consult on the prevention of disease at NCB. She’ll focus on practical, holistic approaches towards nutrition and wellness to achieve improved health, weight management, and overall well-being. She’s of full belief that clean and balanced nutrition are essential in attaining the best quality of life.

Lauren is available for nutrition education through consultation and seminars, as well as hormone/neurotransmitter balancing through optimal nutrition and supplementation starting in January 2016 at NCB by phone or in person. Her passion for good food made with quality ingredients, and understanding of time-sensitive cooking, can help you reach your health and wellness goals whatever your lifestyle may be.

Lauren graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in Biology from John Carroll University and went on to complete her master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Sports and Cardiovascular Wellness Dietetic Practice Group.

Lauren Chaves is excited to use her experience and skills to help further YOUR goals through consultation at Nutrition, Connection, Balance! Come to meet and hear Lauren in person on Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 7:00 pm for her food and nutrition lecture.


Providing You Better Health through Nutrition, Connection, and Balance

Valerie Early and staff are excited to continue to help people thrive in all facets of their lives. The vision of NCB is to provide wellness through individualized therapies and optimal nutrition. Individuals will obtain the tools and health information to feel empowered and in charge of their present and future longevity, therefore obtaining the highest quality of life.

NCB offers individualized consultations that include all Medical Nutrition Therapies, weight loss programs, eating disorders, hormone assessments for men and women, individualized dietary supplement recommendations based on research,  sports performance nutrition, and gaining the edge over the competition.