Own a Wellness Virtual Franchise/Business

You can have your own home wellness based business today! This business franchise only costs $50.00 a year with no risks, no inventory or office space, minimal overhead and no territorial restrictions. The additional benefits include: your own web sites, a shipping, accounting and payroll department, team and individualized training. Additional support from a Registered Dietitian, Advanced Exercise and Fitness Specialist, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Reiki Masters, National Marketing Directors and other successful Virtual Franchise business owners. Owning a typical business today has huge risks, money and time investment. Nine out of 10 business fail, but not if you join our team’s Virtual Franchise. Earn as you learn!

By owning your own business you get to write off health care, travel and many other expenses. Our team provides accurate and updated nutrition education and always promotes proper supplementation based on current research.  Be at your peak optimal health and happiness while making a living and helping other to do the same. If having money and time freedom appeals to you join our team! Call us today to be a part of our lucrative and rewarding business! 847-985-1200 or 847-346-7314.

American’s health care system is in crisis. The key is to practice prevention and wellness before disease strikes. Endless energy, money and time freedom reduces daily stress. Life can get better in all aspects as time passes. Fuel your life and spirit by joining our business today. NCB offers solutions and provides you with a team, training, expertise, friendships with people that walk their talk and most importantly, the road map to having the time, health and money freedom. Design your dream life today.

Attend our Virtual Franchise Business and wellness lectures. Go to our events calendar to RSVP or call NCB for us to come to your office, practice, professional or sports group or any type of business if you are serious about covering your overhead, using the extra income for pleasure, your wellness, to donate to your athletic organization or just want to be around health conscious vibrant people that want to educate, obtain personal growth and time and money freedom.

A few resources for you as a new or seasoned entrepreneur is by reading the book, “The Business of The 21st Century” by Robert T. Kiyosaki or listening to Kiyosaki’s short audio CD version of this book! If you join our team we will provide you with many more resources!!