Rate Your Wellness

95% of people have health issues, but most people say “they are healthy”, even though they are tired, overweight, and on multiple prescription medications. We continue to hear people state , “they are healthy” a week and even a day before they are diagnosed with cancer or have a heart attack. The truth is you can’t feel most disease states until it’s too late, therefore Frank Grad developed a wellness chart which explains the levels of health, so you can honestly plot your own health level.

Once you identify your health level you can make easy lifestyle changes to get you back into optimal health and into the green before you are diagnosed with a full blown disease. No matter what level you are in, you can get back to youthful health. Obviously, the more serious the level you are in, the more proactive you have to be. Just by obtaining individualized testing, supplements and diet guidance you will win your health back or stay well! Remember, tests like mammograms, colonoscopies and many blood tests are detection are NOT prevention!!! Most illness are 8-10 years in progression before they show up as a symptom or as a diagnosis. Join us and don’t fall victim to poor health and fatigue!

Prevention is finding the red flags and their cause so you can correct the problem before your get to a disease state. By empowering, fueling, stress management, exercising, and supplementing your body daily you can change your destiny!The body is designed to seek perfect health but we must give it the proper and individualized fuel to heal itself!

Click Here to download a “Rate your Wellness” chart