Sleep Issues

Poor sleep, whether not being able to fall asleep, night wakings or restless sleep on a regular basis affects metabolism, body fat, cognitive functioning, moods, fatigue, a lower sex drive and testosterone levels, higher risk of all forms of heart disease and diabetes, aging, and a higher risk of driving accidents. Animals can die from sleep deprivation. With the right testing and subjective questioning by NCB this is a relatively easier problem to address and correct than many other conditions.

Some specific causes of sleep disturbances include: high evening cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, GABA, taurine and histamine and/or lowered serotonin, progesterone and estradiol levels. Stress, eating habits, alcohol use, elevated glucose levels and exercise can also directly cause poor sleep. NCB can test and give you’re the right answers to start snoozing, dreaming and regain your energy and sex drive again!