Sports Nutrition

Obtaining accurate, individualized sports performance nutrition guidelines and supplementation can profoundly change an athlete’s ability to increase his speed, strength, immune system, reduce injuries and have endless energy to train hard and be number one in your field or sport! NCB thoroughly enjoys working with weekend warriors, professional athletes and avid exercisers.  Whether you are looking for additional body fat loss, staying healthy or increasing your performance, getting the right assessments like adrenal testing and a hair mineral analysis with the right post nutritional guidelines are essential and life changing!

Oxidative stress (caused by breathing in more oxygen) and training hard is fabulous for physical attributes, lowering lipids and mood management but can have disastrous effects like turning on diseases like cancer and diabetes, exhaustion, wearing down joints and causes more wrinkling. These negatives can be avoided with the correct supplementation, nutrition and training! Strive for every benefit of exercising and call NCB for a sports nutrition and performance assessment consultation today!

Beginning Supplement Foundation for Performance Enhancement:

1. Juice Plus & Vineyard Blend, 2 red, 2 green & 2 purple capsules with breakfast or dumped in a dairy and gluten free Complete Shake (mix with 8 oz water, almond milk, rice or soy milk). The shake is available in vanilla or chocolate or variety pack. Order under Juice Plus or call NCB to get your Child in the Children’s Health Study for FREE!

~$130.00/month or $4.33/day for a power breakfast or post fitness recovery.

2. ProOmega D3 Fish Oil, 2 capsules with breakfast & 1 capsule with dinner.

~$74.00/60 day supply or $1.23/day for anti-inflammatory, disease protection and all  hormone, muscle, mood, brain and recovery pathway protection.

3. MaxPerformance Specialist, 1, 3 X day with or without food.

$42.95/30 day supply or $1.43 /day for adaptogen that helps with recovery, sustained energy and adrenal protection.

4. Max Nox Specialist, 1 dropper before every workout.

$52.95/30 day supply or $1.77 /day for energy, strength, stamina and vasodilation (blood flow to heart, muscles and for erections) boost to enhance blood flow, energy,  and overall vitality.

This strong supplement exercise regime will provide you with fast improved energy, performance, strength, faster recovery time and reduced oxidative stress and muscle damage. Call NCB today, and if ordered all foundation products at one time you will get free shipping on products that add up to at $200.00 or more! Can order at “Shop NCB” or by calling NCB at 847-985-1200.