"For the past seven years, my mother and I have relied on Valerie Early’s expertise. Her advice on nutrition and wellness, along with her recognition of supplements are very reassuring. After being diagnosed with MS several years ago, I tried traditional medicine and still continued to decline. Valerie’s knowledge of autoimmune disorders, especially the use of Vitamin D was recommended before the medical community was aware of it. My mother, who has anxiety issues, was also helped by Valerie who recommended cortisol control supplements.Now, we have the best of both: Valerie and our doctors working together in complementary medicine."

-Anne (Ohio Resident)

"Lauren's knowledge and experience have been vital in guiding me toward making permanent changes in understanding and living a healthy nutritional and physical lifestyle. Her individualization has supported me not only with weight loss but in developing the knowledge and awareness of what my body is telling me throughout the day. Her patience with my frustrations, questions and ups and downs is incredible."

-Ellen S.

"At 63 years old, Lauren has helped me get over a huge hurdle in lifestyle and fitness. I am down almost 15 lbs and counting. I've also learned to manage cravings."

-Dee G.

"Valerie has been a much-appreciated health practitioner in my life.  I was struggling for years with chronic fatigue and a need to reset the balance of my hormones after entering menopause.  With simple, but effective tests, Valerie was able to recommend a much lower dose of hormones than my OB-GYN, obtaining far better results, by using specially compounded creams instead of pills.  The tests also showed specific areas of deficiency left from my sleeplessness.  With supplements and exercise, we are addressing those deficiencies.  I am finding my sleep is much improved, and my energy is rising. Valerie's approach is wholistic in nature.  She explains things clearly and thoroughly, taking the whole person into account.  She recommends a program that includes supplements, specific nutrition advice and exercise.  I have found that she fills in the gaps often left by doctors in ways that have made a very significant difference in my health and in my life.  I recommend her highly!"


"Valerie Early has been my nutritionist and adviser for 10+ years. Although I see a medical doctor regularly, I trust the information Valerie gives me because the saliva/urine and hair analysis testing are so much more accurate and extensive than regular medical blood and urine tests. Valerie is able to look at the results of the tests, to hear my symptoms and to expertly and adeptly provide a plan for addressing the current changes in my body. Valerie is not only my advocate for maintaining good health with bio-identical hormones and supplements, but is constantly instructing me on how to take better care of my body. With this knowledge, I have made a lot of food choices and diet changes so that I have more energy and a zest for living. I credit Valerie for her insightful recommendations that allow me to see my options for living a healthy and fulfilling life."


"I first visited Valerie’s office almost 5 years ago.  I am so thankful to her every day.  She has helped me with issues regarding my Crohn’s disease through Reiki and supplements, and most recently, has helped me with some hormonal issues. I feel better than I have in a very long time.  Valerie is straightforward, compassionate and so smart.  She really cares about people. She also helped my then 3 year-old daughter with some bm issues.  She was gentle and kind in speaking to her and taught me how to help my daughter through this issue as well. And now, she’s also working with my husband to help him overcome high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.  Valerie has shown us that we need to be advocates for our own health.  My husband was not much of a believer in this until he met with Valerie.  It’s not been easy for him to change his habits, but Valerie has continued to follow up with him and encourage him, and he’s been sticking to it and learning to take much better care of his health. Thank you so much, Valerie!"


"I came to Valerie Early when I was 14 years old (I’m 17 now) after spending a year in impatient treatment and a year outpatient for anorexia nervosa. I’d been in recovery for about a year when mom and I decided I needed to see someone who was not only a dietician, but also worked with bone and hormone issues (at that point I had osteoporosis and other issues relating to hormone imbalance). We found Valerie to be all that and more. Over the course of our visits, we were able to establish a working meal plan (for my anorexia) and also found what vitamins and nutrients would be best to treat my various bone, hormone, and vitamin deficiencies. Valerie was very willing to work with us and often worked on our case on her own time so we could make the most of our visits together. Over time my body responded to the vitamins and diet suggested by Valerie and eventually my dependence on her decreased. By God’s grace, I was making progress in not only my recovery from the eating disorder, but my osteoporosis progressed into a very mild case of osteopenia, and we saw a marked difference my hormone and vitamin balance. I am happy to say that I think of food as a source of energy, health, and enjoyment and no longer as any enemy to be avoided. I still meet with Valarie every so often just to make sure I’m still on track, but my visits are far less often; a sure sign of progress. I am extremely grateful to Valerie for her professional support and the way she cared about me personally throughout the entire duration of our visits. I don’t know where I would be in my journey of recovery today without all her help, recommendations, and care."


"Valerie and the NCB team have been an incredible blessing. Many years ago I started seeing Valerie while battling obsessive compulsive tendencies, anxiety, thyroid abnormalities, and other various health concerns. I was just a child confused, scared and desperately wanting freedom. However I didn't see freedom as a possibility- but Valerie changed that. I learned I had chemical and hormonal imbalances that needed to be treated. If I worked with Valerie and trusted her approach I could be free, for that is exactly what happened. These medical issues I had as a child now seem like a past life. This wouldn't be the case without the testing and approach to healing that NCB offers.  I am now getting ready to finish up my college degree and am an independent, strong and passionate young woman. I take no medication! Valerie has changed the course of my life and I am blessed to have met a professional with such genuine care and fierce advocacy for her patients.   I am living proof that freedom is possible and of the miraculous work NCB can do. Forever grateful!"

-Theresa B.

"I couldn’t wait to get a chance to e-mail the amazing academic change that Nic has achieved.  First, just a flash back— prior to treatment, his work had to be re-done because he did not follow directions 54%, 45% were common grades that he had to correct and return for a passing grade! Today I opened his folder from the past 2 weeks of work and nearly passed out!!!! He earned an A on a math project, A on a unit social studies test, A on a READING COMPREHENSION test, 105% on a spelling test and an A on a book report! AMAZING transformation. His confidence is through the roof and he is soooooo proud of his achievements! I share this with you because it was you who believed in me and trusted a mother’s intuition! It was you that used your hard trained knowledge and put it to good use! And it is you that has dedicated your life to helping people!!!!!! Being a health care professional, I know the rugged days that you can endure and multiple challenges along the way. But at the end of the day, you should be proud!!!! Proud that you have made a difference in a little boys life that will continue his success and lead to many life achievements that he may not have reached without the help from you!!!! This is only one story of thousands of people you’ve  helped! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do, you have opened my eyes in so many ways and intrigued my science mind! I have seen so many of my patients that you can help- all of them got your info. With the little knowledge you have shared, it is so obvious to me the number of people who need treatment! It’s like the cover has been lifted from my eyes! The unfortunate thing is that this type of treatment goes unrecognized by the health care community!!!!! Sad! We only can hope that one day this type of medicine will be the primary care and treatment for all! Until then you have a lot of work ahead of you!! Keep fixing the mis -treated and mis-diagnosed patients and make it right! Thanks again!"

- C